Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love like Rock 4 has kicked off!

One fact about Aiko that hitherto I haven't mentioned at all is that Aiko is currently touring in Japan! Lucky folks in Japan that can see and hear Aiko live these days. The tour is called 'Love like Rock 4' or LLR4 for short, and the fabulous Tour de Aiko site has a list of all the official Aiko merchandise sold there:

Tour booklet: ¥2800
T-shirt: ¥3000
Notepad: ¥900
Tape: ¥800
Stickers: ¥800
Tote Bag: ¥1000

Her tour schedule is posted here. She has just finished her gigs in Tokyo and will play Sapporo next week 0n Wednesday and Thursday. If anyone reading this has been to an Aiko concert or is intending to go - I'd be very happy about a concert report.

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