Monday, July 20, 2009

Aiko in a blog

Aiko is cute and rocks! This is the only suitable way of starting a blog about the Japanese pop singer Aiko. I can't really remember how I got into Aiko - I think it was back in the day when I started getting interested in Japanese language and culture, and thought listening to Japanese pop is an interesting way to pick up a language (at least bits and pieces of it). I came across her song 'Ai no Yamai'by accident, and it stuck with me. Several years later, and I'm still a beginner in Japanese, but my interest in Aiko and her music has never waned. So this is my attempt to collect interesting links/videos/pics about my favorite Jpop singer and make it available to other Aiko fans (Aiko otakus?) with limited or no Japanese. Enjoy!

As a little bonus, see her latest video 嘆きのキス below. Latest is a bit of a euphemism here, since the video has been out since February I believe. You can find a review of the single here.

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