Monday, July 27, 2009

Aiko's Boyfriend

As promised, here's the first part in a series of posts where I want to present the beautiful artwork of various Aiko CDs in my possession. Music and art go hand in hand, and Aiko's happy-sad music finds perfect expression in the artwork that accompanies it.

Let's get this started with Aiko's single ボーイフレンド (Boyfriend), released 2000.

This was actually the first Aiko release I bought, and I found it in a small shop in San Francisco's Nihonmachi.

The pictures show Aiko at a bus stop, probably waiting for the boyfriend mentioned in the song title. The photo below is the rear inlay.

The title track itself is very upbeat, with a definite country vibe to it. In line with the country theme, the accompanying PV shows Aiko and band in cowboy gear, playing in a barn.

The last picture does not quite fit in with the rest of them, and you can see that Aiko's clothes are different, but it's the back of the album inlay. The single contains the following songs:

1. ボーイフレンド[Boyfriend]
2. 密かなさよならの仕方
3. 前ならえ。[maenarae]
4. ボーイフレンド(インストゥルメンタル・ヴァージョン)[Boyfriend instrumental version]

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed the artwork - more to follow (when I get around to scanning).

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